Fabric a Newbie sewer should buy for successful results


Fabric for Success in Sewing

One visit to a fabric shop or an online retailer and the newbie sewer can become paralysed by overwhelm.

My passion is helping people to achieve fantastic results, quickly and easily. One way to get success is in using the correct tools, equipment and fabrics.

If you have not sewn before then I want you to be able to have a successful sewing experience.

There are mainly three types of fabric that will help to guarantee success.

  • 100% Cotton

  •  100% Linen

  •  Cotton /Linen mix.

They are smooth to touch with little to no stretch. All of them will behave themselves beautifully for you. You wouldn’t pick these to make a flowing evening gown, but hopefully that isn’t what you have chosen to make as a beginner.

The fabrics I am recommending are all natural fibres, breathable, soft to touch and strong.As the fabrics are woven they hold their shape well and behave well when you are trying to sew them together. You don’t need the added trauma of your sewing pieces slipping and sliding when you are stitching them together. If the pieces stay put, you can concentrate on the sewing.

Cotton Fabric

Cotton is very versatile, it can be used to make up all sorts of items , from items of clothing for yourself or children, to household items, bags and bedding. It is easy to  cut, either with scissors or a rotatry cutter, and it frays very little.

Comfy reading Cushion

Linen Fabric

Linen and linen mix can fray so a little care needs to be taken when cutting out. They can also crease, but that is soon resolved with a good steam iron.

This bag, though relatively complicated is made from linen and linen mix fabric.

Linen Bag – pattern courtesy -www.monkeybuttons.co.uk

I hope you find this useful information and it helps with your  fabric dilemmas.

If you are a beginner or want it learn to sew/make stuff then please contact me  – love to help always

Happy Stitching

Rachel x

Contact me at – rachel@patchandsew.co.uk

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